Portrait Photography


In todays world photography is more and more a part of our culture.  From cell phone cameras to professional DLSR’s.  Our world is saturated with photographs.  Photography businesses are popping up all over the country, with very few skilled photographers.  It takes years of experience, time and talent to learn the proper lighting and posing techniques that make a professional stand out from the crowd.

One example of such a professional is this Modesto photographer.   Specializing in senior portraits.  Sessions Photograph has made a name for themselves nationally as one of the top photography studios in the nation.

When choosing a photographer make sure they have a basic understanding of lighting and posing as well as a professional studio.  Choosing a photographer who only does on location shoots usually means they do not have the experience to own their own photography studio.  These photographers are many times cheaper, but as in any industry you get what you pay for.

Whether you enjoy taking cell phone selfies or are interested in professional portraits make sure you look your best.  Choose your outfits carefully and make sure to have your makeup professionally done when available.

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Interior Design


Interior design

This is the art of designing the interiors and exteriors of a room or building. The designer is the person that manages and coordinates such projects. This is a profession that is multi-faceted as it includes conceptual development, management and execution of plans, communication with specific stakeholders. It is therefore a process of shaping interior spaces by manipulation of surface treatment as well as special volume. It is a profession that deals with management and coordination of other professional services like plumbing, electrical, mechanical, and masonry – all to warrant smooth working, living, and learning in an innocuous aesthetically pleasing environment.  For more information we recommend this great interior design blog.

Designer vs Decorator

Don’t get confused, there is a clear cut difference between an interior decorator and interior designer. The design part is based on comprehending people’s behavior and creating functional spaces within the room. Decoration mainly resorts to furnishing and adorning spaces with likable elements. A designer can therefore be a decorator but a decorator can’t be a designer. A designer’s project may include placing a basic layout of spaces within a room or those technical issues such as window and door positioning, lighting, and acoustics. They mostly work hand in hand with contractors, architects and structural engineers. A designer works in order to create functional environments that are safe and adhere to ADA requirements and building codes and regulations. Designing is beyond selection of furnishings and color palettes, it also encompasses application of knowledge towards the development of a construction document, life safety, healthcare regulations, occupancy loads, and sustainable design principles.

The specialties

Interior design idea has for the past been a strong suit for the residential blocks, however, the recent past has seen the awakening of the idea to commercial places and other sectors like museums and theme parks. They also undertake remodeling projects which is a timely affair since fine-tuning is the main agenda. Interior design bodes well with the latest trends in the market but some styles are timeless and classic and have been preferred over time. Malls, healthcare facilities and corporate offices are designed before the construction process begins. A designer can specialize in a particular type of interior design so as to develop technical knowledge on that specific field. This is because the profession is relatively new and constantly evolving

The profession

To become a professional, you need to be licensed, a process which ascertains your qualifications from a formal institution. In the past, apprenticeship was the only means that the profession stood the test of time. Today, you have to enroll to colleges to undergo formal training. Interior designers, just like any other professional are hired based on their credentials. Opportunities present themselves that need designers to work in large or small corporations. They have to work within a budget, time frame, client’s needs and other requirements.

The styles used

As much as interior design is multi-faceted in terms of idea execution, the many styles presented fall under some broad categories. For instance, art deco, modern deco and Arabian deco are some of the styles. Whatever the client needs, a designer should understand what category the project falls under. This will help them to capture ideas that rhyme. Like the Art deco, it has been in existence for a long period. The materials used in all these styles may differ. Modern art is not a reference to the age or era of the design and should not be used interchangeably with contemporary design. Some of the styles are marvelous and appealing to the eyes. You may find projects the combine contemporary with art deco while some are pure styles

Interior design influence

The growing popularity of the profession has been credited to the media.  Kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and living room designs top the list of the most popular categories for clients.  Certain shows are aired in TV that majorly deal with interior designs and makeovers. There are radio shows which play a major role in popularizing the work. Hardly will you find a family magazine that never touches on interior design. Some magazines are solely dedicated to interior designs that encourage do-it-yourself projects. The need of interior design has been spurred by the growing number of construction projects all over the world. In some countries, buildings will only be approved for construction only if they have a proactive interior designer.

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